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Tahir Mehmood is working as a Technology Consultant in Kuwait. His day to day work includes assessment of system needs, suggesting unique programs and software, and auditing the information systems. He is a self-taught digital concept artist. His specialties include procreate, Adobe photoshop, draw and Lightroom. His work principally comprises of innate symbolism and imagery to seek natural anomalies. He regularly portrays his inward character with adequate sentiments and feelings. His passion for art and travel makes him distinguished and unique in terms of choice of scenery and landscapes. He is a seasoned photographer with a frenzy for taking pictures using mobile phone and professional camera. He breathes life into his characters with a focus on hyper realistic and stylized illustrations. He describes his passion in his own words “From an early age, I was entranced with art and photography. As I grew, I continued enduring my fascination and explored different avenues regarding numerous forms of creativity, extending from drawing to innovative visual art and photography including styling, illustration and design. I am motivated by nature, travel and designs that foster lights, shadows, compositions and patterns. I intend to construct positive social impact through visual narration. ” His site shows the work across classifications in various art forms. Following a subtle style of art, his pictures are staggering and make the viewer anxious and curious to further explore the site. His website is a platform to exhibit the inventive work he has created in his free time, in particular taking photographs, painting and digitally created pictures. His inspirations originate from his travels to exotic destinations around the world, paintings, architecture, lights and shadows and colorful patterns and compositions.

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Name:Tahir Mehmood


Location:Kuwait City / Kuwait

Technology Consultant

travel history

1: Belgium

2: Netherland

3: Germany

4: Australia

5: Japan

6: Georgia

7: UAE

8: Pakistan

9: KSA

10: Qatar

11: Oman

12: Bahrain

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